Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dangers in National Parks

As I used to tell new and seasonal park rangers, "the one thing that most people do not pack for their park visits is their common sense."  Which leads to false senses of security.  Here are some examples of how a park visitor can get themselves in trouble fast.

‘Vacation brain’ can be dangerous for travelers in national parks

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wildlife Officer Attacked in North Carolina

Even people stealing plants from public lands can become dangerous to Park Rangers and other Land Management Officers.  Here is an example from North Carolina.

“Charges in attack on wildlife officer upgraded to attempted murder”  -from a Greenville, SC news

Our Henderson County WRC officer was badly injured after an attack by two un-armed plant poachers.
He was investigating a “parked vehicle”

They: “beat Stronach in the head with a motorcycle helmet. Matthew Arold kicked Stronach in the head repeatedly,”

Hearsay from the neighboring state forest ranger:
Officer deployed his Taser on one, when the second jumped him and took control of the Taser.
The assailants then used the Taser 4-5 times on the officer while beating him. (not sure of that)
The officer maintained control of his firearm by laying on his holster side. (sounds very likely)

Not much locally, Asheville source WLOS: NC Wildlife Resource Officer Assault

Be safe guys! 
It’s not all about customer service, be alert!!

Stephen Tillotson
Park Ranger