Monday, September 21, 2009

Boxerwood Gardens Nature Center

Although retired from the National Park Service, I remain dedicated to advancing the ideals and goals of our park system. One of those missions I attempt to promote is an interest in the outdoors and our environment among children. An organization that is located in Lexington, Virginia is allowing me to fulfill this objective by permitting me to volunteer assisting in the facilitation of environmental education programs for elementary and middle school age students. Utilizing the beautiful facilities and resources at Boxerwood Gardens and making use of other sites through the community, programs on watersheds, soils, animal life, recycling, waste, and other topics not only illustrate the interrelationships of these resources but engage these students with their natural environment.

For more information on Boxerwood Gardens and the Boxerwood Education Association, see the link on this page.

Fifth graders learning about geology of the area in a Boxerwood off site program.

Fifth graders looking for stilithus fossils in the Maury River of Virginia.

Adults and children join in the fun of a creative dramatics fantasy play at the Boxerwood Fall Family Festival on September 19.

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