Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Status

Yesterday I received the electronic copy of the layout for my book, A Park Ranger's Life: True Stories from Thirty Two Years Protecting our National Parks. Once I make a final review and any last minute edits it goes to the printer. Hopefully it will be available within the next month.

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  1. I love it ...

    I was visiting your blog site and was once again aware of how grateful I am that you continue to champion the cause of the Service and her rangers. The site is creative and informative, speaking candidly about the past, providing information on the current and offering a positive outlook for the future...what else would a ranger put forward.

    I had William open it last night and he was in awe of the quality of the site and we both are taken with the opening photo... it is captivating and speaks to the essence of the ranger. I have known many outstanding rangers but I cannot think of one that matches your contributions to 'furthering the art and science' of our noble profession. Thank you.

    Please let me know when the first book signing is scheduled!