Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Can We Do To Help Our National Parks

“What can I do to help protect our National Parks?” This is a question I often hear at book events I have attended. Here are a few simple suggestions:

• Visit and get to know the resources and threats they face in National Parks near you or ones you like to visit

• Seek out Volunteer opportunities in our parks

• Join the National Parks and Conservation Association - Through this group you can keep up to date on issues facing our parks and contact your political leaders to enlist their support of the parks

• Learn about and join individual park “Friends Groups” to become directly involved in providing support for park resources, programs, and future – examples of such groups include:

Blue Ridge Parkway
Appalachian Trail
Acadia NP
Great Smokey Mtns
Grand Canyon
Shenandoah NP

There are many more organizations out there. For a complete list visit:

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