Saturday, May 21, 2011

National Police Week 2011

Reflecting on the passing of 2011’s National Police Week earlier this month provoked thoughts of all the law enforcement officers that I worked with during my career as a National Park Ranger.  This included my fellow Rangers and others from Federal, state, and local agencies who back me up on car stops, arrests, investigations, serving warrants, taught me their wisdom and skills, and at times most importantly were just there to listen.  It was this corps of dedicated professionals that made it possible for me to survive more than thirty two years of dealing with the daily unknown threats to personal safety and mental stability that is law enforcement work.

So a shout out and thanks to all of you I had the privilege to work with and a special thanks to those officers who continue to risk it all every day to protect the rest of us from the crazies and predators that are out there.

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