Thursday, January 5, 2012

Following Murder of National Park Ranger Media Focuses On Dangers Of The Job

The murder of National Park Ranger Margaret Anderson has sparked a sudden interest from the media on the dangers of the job.  Numerous articles are appearing in national newspapers, websites, and on TV.  Here is one of the better ones I have perused from the Washington Post.

I find this of interest since the most common remark I here from non-park rangers who have read my book is that they had no idea of how dangerous the job was.

It is tragic and sad that it takes another death of a National Park Ranger to bring these facts to nationwide attention.  I am concerned that with impending additional budget cuts to come decisions will be made that will further place in harms way the Park Rangers serving today.  In the past cutting of budgets normally resulted in reduced staffing, failure to replace worn out equipment such as vehicles and radio systems, cuts to training, and limited access to new and improved technology to safely do the job.

I do not argue that our Government spends more than it should and cuts need to be made.  I just hope that politicians and managers consider the safety of people working in dangerous situations before making blanket reductions.

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