Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Something For Wildness" Project In Our National Parks

Soon you may be seeing a visitor to National Parks that may appear a bit more inquisitive than those Park Rangers are accustomed to serving.  Lacey Dupre is launching what she calls her " Something For Wildness" Project that will explore and record stories from National Park Rangers across the U.S. to be included in a new book.

Lacey is planning on this project educating readers about parks and rangers in addition to providing real help for fellow park rangers in Africa who are literally risking their lives daily protecting endangered wildlife.  A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to the PAMS Foundation.

You can learn more about "Something For Wildness" and how you can make it happen through a "Kickstarter" grant by going to Lacey's web site at:

Here is a brief outline of the project sent to me by Lacey Dupre.

The Project: 

We are going to visit most of the National Parks in 2-3 months, interview and photograph the rangers and their parks, make art on the road, then compile it all into a art-photo book.  We'll donate a portion of each book sold to the PAMS Foundation in Tanzania, who support rangers at the forefront of conservation.  

Our Mission: 

To create a connection between rangers the world over and a passion for and awareness of the importance of stewardship worldwide via the National Park Rangers.

Why Are We doing this?

Climate Change, exploitation of land, animals, and resources, as well as diminished habitat are all realities.  Visibility and Awareness is urgent and important.  Let's all DO Something for Wildness.  The problem is now. If we all contribute just a little, and the word gets out and spreads, well then, we have done something! 
 'Be the Change you Want to See in the World' -Mahatma Gandhi.

Why, if we are successful, does a portion of book sales go to Tanzania?

This book is making a connection between rangers WORLDWIDE.  It's also an effort to give back to the many rangers the world over.  Tanzania is the birthplace of the African game ranger and the safari destination of the world.  YES.  A remarkable 40% of its land has been set aside for conservation.  Oh, and it's home to the Serengeti National Park.  The PAMS Foundation is there, supporting rangers at the forefront of conservation.  !!

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