Monday, August 9, 2010

Not All Lands Within National Parks Are Safe

Dave Freudenthal the Governor of Wyoming is threatening to sell off two square miles of lands within Grand Tetons National Park to developers.  Although the land in question lies within the Park boundary, it is owned by the state of Wyoming.  The state figures that they could generate about $125 million through the development of this property.

Does the Wyoming State Government not care about protecting The Grand Tetons?  There is more to the story.

Governor Freudenthal is only threatening to make the sale unless the Obama Administration increases the Federal funds allotted to the state for education   The two tracts of property are designated at "School Trust Lands" designed to generate funds for education.  At present they bring in about $3,000 per year in grazing fees.  Wyoming has been attempting to get the Federal Government to trade other lands that could be developed for coal exploration for the tracts within the park.

The tactic appears to be to force the Federal Government's hand to either pay a large amount for the land in question, increase education funding, or open other Federally protected areas for coal mining.

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