Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"A Park Ranger's Life" Reflects Trends In Ebook Sales

An industry report released on April 15th shows that for the first time Ebook sales have been higher than print books.  This new trend happened for the first time in February.  Overall Ebook sales are up more than 20% over February 2010.

In looking at sales for "A Park Ranger's Life" through Amazon for the month of February there were more digital Kindle sales than traditional paper editions sold reflecting the findings of the Association of American Publishers report.

Although this report does not include data from all retailers of books, it does indicate a strong movement of readers toward digital reading formats.

As more of a traditionalist reader of printed books, I have to admit that I received a Kindle for Christmas and have surprisingly found that I enjoy reading with this device.  I have not yet become a true convert as yet.  How do you feel about digital books as apposed to printed paperbacks and hardbound books?

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  1. My problem is that I'm so cheap. I rarely purchase a book at full price, (sorry to you authors) and until ebook prices drop considerably, I'll be old school. (I also donate the books to our itty bitty community library when I'm done.)