Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reader Question About Bears

I got this question from a Facebook Fan in Germany:

Unfortunately the book is not available in germany, cause I´m looking for "park-ranger-literature" at the moment. Anyway I hope I can find help here. 

Can anybody, maybe you Mr.Bytnar, help me finding literature/docus about the live of park rangers especially working in blackbear-management? Hard to find what I need: Documentary about legal black bear hunting and the fight against illegal black-bear hunting, for fun, medical products, etc. in the states, problems with increasing blackbearpopulation near towns, and so on.

Thanks a lot and much more success for the book

You can order the book on and other internet sources. It is only available in English at this time.

Here are some links to learn a bit more about bears and bear management in parks:,

 Hopefully these may lead you to more information sources.

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