Saturday, December 10, 2011

"A Park Ranger's Life" Reader Review

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I finished Mr. Bytnar's book a few weeks ago. I found it to be very interesting as well as educational. Being married to a man who was also 'on call', brought back some memories of how most dinners went cold waiting for him to have the time to sit down and dine with his family. I found the story about the lady who was outraged at Mr. Bytnar not being able to give her an accurate weather report at 2 a.m. in the morning quite appalling. I wish you could have named her and sent a copy of your book to her, as well as other morons who felt they had been disrespected, when they were the ones who owed you an apology. There are many more stories I chuckled at and will have your book in my library shelves for house guests to devour while staying at our lake house. I'll also recommend they buy a book for their own library! Thank you Mr. Bytnar for your sacrifices and wonderful service to our parks and to our country. (Has your wife ever forgiven you?) A reader in Franklin County, Virginia. 

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