Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seasonal Park Ranger Application Season Opening

For those who might be interested in pursuing a life as a National Park Ranger, the time for applying for seasonal jobs this coming summer is fast upon us.  These positions are generally available from some time in this coming May and run through October.  It all depends on which park you apply to.  Anyone interested in this exciting opportunity should now be keeping a close watch for open job listings at:

Most positions will be announced in January, but it appears that some parks are getting the jump on everyone else and announcing jobs early.

So keep your options open and start updating those resumes and reading announcements to tailor your applications to what qualifications fit each job.

For more information on applying for seasonal park ranger jobs go to the search window in the right hand column and type in "jobs."  This will bring up several past blog posts that explain this application system.

Good luck.


  1. Ranger Bytnar,

    Is there any hope for me as a teacher to land a seasonal position? The school year runs until the second week of June. If these positions run from April to October, it would not be possible for me to get one. I know that teachers often work as seasonals, but how???