Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Predicted Affects of Sequestration On National Parks

With the impending "Fiscal Cliff" that could result automatic cuts in budgets to those Federal Agencies open to political adjustments, The Coalition of National Park Retirees has prepared a Press Release that outlines the affects of these cuts on our parks.

You can read this at:


  1. Bruce - I think all of this is just fear mongering. The CBO has recently stated that the overall budget will see cuts of only $44 billion this year if sequestration is allowed to pass (this is due to the fact that we're already 5 months into the federal fiscal year). This means that the federal gov't will only be cutting roughly 1.16% out of the overall budget. I think NPS Director Jon Jarvis has it wrong when he states that the NPS should assume a 5% cut in the 2013 budget.

    Even if the cuts are as high as 5%, the 2013 budget would still be higher than the amount that the NPS spent in 2008, or any year before that. Certainly there are enough smart people in NPS management that can figure how to operate off those levels of funding, and not have to resort to draconian cuts in services.

    Here's my full analysis on this topic:

  2. The Washington Post has a great article on the effect at Yellowstone.