Tuesday, February 2, 2010

National Park Ranger Leadership Basics

There are many skills and techniques that one can use to develop their role as a leader. The critical ability is to know when to apply which aptitude to make use of based on personalities, emotions, and the specific situation.
Here are a few key skills that served me well during my thirty two plus year career as a National Park Ranger.

Listen – Listen to those that are under your responsibly or peers and follow up on their concerns.

Communicate – Make yourself available and share information with others. Do no attempt to hold power over others by not sharing information. Unless it is sensitive or personal information, keep your fellow workers informed. Clearly communicate the goals and objectives for your group.

Empathy – Show an honest interest in those you are responsible for.

Take Care of Your People – Be sure those for who you are responsible for know you are looking out for their best interests. This could include information, supplies and equipment, safety, payroll, or attempting to meet their personal needs.

Set the Example – Being a leader means you are the last one in line. Be sure those you are responsible for are taken care of first. Never ask a person to do something you are not willing to do or help with yourself.

Maintain Responsibility – Never attempt to blame short falls or problems on others. Take the responsibility that goes with the job.

Praise Others – Never fail to give praise when warranted. At times, you may find yourself searching for something to praise. This positive reinforcement goes a long way toward establishing your credibility.

Proactive – Always try to be thinking ahead and take care of problems before they arise.

Know When and How to Exert Authority – Step in to take charge in mattes of safety, objective status, harassment or prejudice, or employee morale.

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