Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our National Parks: An American Legacy

Exploritas, Adventures in Lifelong Learning (also known as Elderhostel) will sponsor a Day of Discovery On Campus program entitled “Our National Parks: An American Legacy” on March 12 at Kendal in Lexington, Virginia.

Supporters hail them as our best idea. Critics consider them elitist and out of
date. Thus are America’s national parks still divided in a tug-of-war between
progress and preservation. How did we get the parks? Why should we keep
them? Or are they indeed an anachronism for the rich? Only because our
forebears persevered in tackling those questions do the national parks still

Bruce W. Bytnar, thirty two year veteran of the National Park Service and author of the book A Park Ranger’s Life: Thirty Two Years Protecting Our National Parks, will serve as facilitator for this program. As a National Park Ranger Mr. Bytnar was a speaker in demand by schools and public organizations presenting on such topics as careers as a park ranger, National Park History, traveling in national parks, threats to our parks, hiking and camping, wildlife, and storytelling. In addition Mr. Bytnar served the National Park Service as an instructor on the regional and national level in resource protection, Wildland fire fighting, Incident Command, firearms, leadership, team building, communications, and meeting management.

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