Thursday, February 25, 2010

National Park Visitation Up for 2009

The figures are in and visitation to our National Parks was up 10 million visitors from 2008. The total visitation to the parks was 285 million people in 2009.

It is significant that even during periods of economic downturn people still find the time and exert the effort to visit National Parks. It was predicted by some that this could occur since individuals and families would seek out available and significant places to find solace during hard times.

This increase in visitation could be a strong indicator of the importance of our parks to the American people.

The increase in visitation also bodes well for the economy in that numerous studies have shown the impact park visits have on local businesses and communities. Many localities now depend on tourism dollars to keep them viable.

The Blue Ridge Parkway remained the most visited National Park Area with nearly 16 million visitors in 2009.


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