Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Reader Reviews for "A Park Ranger's Life"

These reader comments were found on the website Goodreads.

Very interesting, easy read...a good one for a trip that will provide time for intermittent reading. The stories are curious and a bit random--and they are insightful, particularly for those who live near the Blue Ridge Parkway. After reading, I understood much more about what park rangers do...and I had been entertained while being informed. This book may be a bit challenging to find, as it is new and published by a smaller press. If you are in Rke, try Ram's Head.

Note: The book is available in Roanoke, Virginia at Ramshead Books and the Barnes and Noble Tanglewood. It can also be found at,, and

As a young boy, I always wanted to be a park ranger and have liberally taken advantage of the park system over the years. After reading Bruce Bytnar's well written memoir, I am happy that my life did not take that path but am grateful for rangers like Bruce who have devoted much of their lives to keeping our national parks safe and available.

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