Monday, April 5, 2010

Park Rangers Receive Awards for Tracking Suicidal Person

On July 21st, a blood-covered vehicle was discovered unattended at Buena Vista Overlook in the Ridge District. During the investigation, it was determined that the missing operator of the vehicle was most likely a
suicidal subject. Rangers Cook and Sears became part of a tracking team that was pursuing this unknown subject through the woods near milepost 45.

The subject had a protection order issued against him, and was believed to be bleeding heavily. Due to their participation on this tracking team, the subject, disoriented from blood lost and the ingestion of drugs, was
located and administered life saving rescue. According to the medical doctor, the subject would likely have slipped into a drug-induced coma within 30 more minutes had he not been found. His chance of survival would have been minimal had it not been for the quick and effective actions of this team. These Rangers' heroic efforts in this case certainly saved a life, and exemplified team spirit and cooperation.

Miranda Cook received a Protection Ranger Award Coin for her participation
on the tracking team in this incident.

Jeremy Sears received a Protection Ranger Award Coin for providing vital
security to the trackers during this incident.

Zeph Cunningham received a Supervisory Ranger Award Coin for leading the
tracking team to a successful conclusion.

The above is taken from the documentation of the awards presented to these three park rangers.

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