Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Retired Park Ranger Visits Washington, D.C.

My wife Linda and I enjoyed a beautiful day in Washington DC this week. We visited the Library of Congress and walked the National Mall to the Tidal Basin enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

While at the Tidal Basin we met Officer Jones of the US Park Police on his horse, shown above, taking a report on a missing 14 year old. I over heard one of his early questions of the reporting mother was, "What kind of shoes was he wearing?"

So even in the urban environment of our National Capital the importance of footwear awareness is an important source of information in the case of lost or missing persons.

The US Park Police is a branch of the National Park Service that provides law enforcement protection at our monuments and parks in Washington, D.C., San Fransisco, and New York City. The Park Police finds it roots in one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the country. Park Police were originally established in 1791 by George Washington to protect National Monuments. These officers continue to provide professional law enforcement protection at National Park areas in our larger urban centers.

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