Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Assault on Federal Land Mangement Officers

The following is taken from the National Park Service Morning Report for June 9, 2010


NPS Ranger Assists BLM Rangers In Shooting Incident

A supervisory ranger from the Southeast Arizona Group provided backup for BLM rangers who’d been shot at near Fort Bowie NHS on the afternoon of June 7th. Two BLM rangers took high-power rifle fire while in their vehicles, but were able to return fire at their assailant’s vehicle. He then fled and was believed to have barricaded himself in his residence. The NPS ranger was among the first on scene, and, with others, set up a perimeter and controlled access to the area. Law enforcement officers and agents from the Border Patrol, FBI, Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (including their SWAT team) and others also responded. A woman inside the house fired on the SWAT team members, but surrendered after OC and CS gases were employed. The house was searched, but the man was not found and is still at large.

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