Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary Event

Drawing by Carlton Abbott
On Sunday June 13th I attended an event to celebrate the opening of the Nelson Scenic Loop and the 75th Anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Skylark Farms in Virginia. About 300 people enjoyed a day of traditional mountain music, kite flying, picnicking, displays, presentations, and an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of my book “A Park Ranger’s Life.”

Notable amongst the presenters was the renowned landscape architect Carlton Abbott. Mr. Abbott’s father was Stanley Abbott one of the initial designers and first Superintendent of The Blue Ridge Parkway. Carlton Abbott is an award winning architect and land planner recognized for his talent as an artist through his pen and ink architectural drawings. The audience was captivated by Mr. Abbott’s stories of his father and growing up with the Blue Ridge Parkway in its early days.

I was pleased that one of my books was purchased by Carlton Abbott to add to his personal collection. I also got an inside scoop that he is working on his own book about the Blue Ridge Parkway that will feature many of his incredible drawings. I plan to add that book to my collection when it is published.

Shown in the Photo Above Doris Broker from the Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Carlton Abbott, and Bruce Bytnar at the Nelson Loop and Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary Event at Skylark Farms

Interesting Blue Ridge Parkway Facts gleaned from the presentations:

10% of all the bridges in National Park Service areas are on the Blue Ridge Parkway

37% of all the tunnels in National Park Service areas are on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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