Friday, June 25, 2010

Joys of Rural Living

Over the years we have entertained many overnight visitors who comment on how rural the area we live in appears. I have to admit that our local options for goods and services are somewhat limited, but it is not as remote as it may seem. After all, we do have our own telephone book issued every year by Verizon that include the “Superyellowpages.” We just received our annual edition for Raphine, Virginia in the mail yesterday.

Here are some facts that bust that middle of nowhere myth:

Our phone book includes 12 pages of instructions on how to use your phone to make calls.
This is followed by 11 ½ pages of residential telephone numbers.

The “Superyellowpages” are much lengthier at 35 pages.

Within those 35 pages are 5 full page and 44 other ads for the “Superyellowpages.”

We have 4 restaurants to choose from listed in the ads:
Burger King, Frank’s Pizza, McDonalds, and Wendy’s (all located near the interstate)

There are also 4 Septic Tank Services listed in the book.

With all these services and the telephone company at our side, I would argue that we are not quite so cut off from society as some may believe.

And think about the next time you want to show off your upper body strength. Wouldn’t you rather rip our phone book in half than yours?

2010 Raphine, Virginia Telephone Book

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