Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Impact Of Your Writing

When a person sits down and starts to write that book that has been rolling around in their head for years it is hard to predict the impact that final product may have on others.  I received this message through Facebook and am humbled and a bit flabbergasted.

Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Read your book a while back and decided to give it my all to become an LE ranger. Got to go to the academy and meet your friend Chief Garrison last fall, and promptly got tased and pepper sprayed. I have yet to find any employment beyond an internship with the SCA. Seems this is probably the worst time ever to try and become an LE ranger, or anything in the government for that matter. I do not have a degree and would need to get hired under STEP or SCEP. I'm still hopeful though and keeping some peoples e-mail boxes full and phones ringing. Looks like I might join the military to stay competitive in the changing government job landscape.

Any who, you helped turn my life around for the better. I hope all is going well in retirement. Thank you for keeping America's wide open spaces safe. I hope to return the favor in the future


There is not much more that a writer can ask for than to know that their efforts positively influenced their readers.  He sounds determined and I wish this young man the very best in his future and a successful ending in the pursuit of his chosen career.

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