Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Park Rangers Catch Plant Poachers

As I have written before in this blog, the theft of plants from our National Parks is a serious threat to our fragile habitats.  In the National Park Service Morning Report today there is a report of Park Rangers on the Blue Ridge Parkway catching criminals taking over 30,000 galax plants from within the park.

Blue Ridge Parkway
Three Arrested For Galax Poaching

An operation to interdict galax poaching was conducted near the Mt.
Mitchell area of the parkway over a two-day period last week. The operation
involved two teams conducting surveillance at two access points where
violators were either accessing and/or being dropped off to harvest the
plants. The first day was unsuccessful, but three individuals were arrested
on the second day.  The three were in possession of more than 30,000 galax
leaves. On Thursday, September 15th, the three appeared before a U.S.
magistrate and pled guilty to illegally harvesting galax and commercial
operations, with two receiving 30 days in jail and the third receiving 90
days (second offense). This area has historically seen a high amount of
such activity and is closely monitored by both rangers and members of the
Appalachians Highlands Inventory and Monitoring Network. This particular
type of galax has a very large leaf and is a target for poachers because it
can bring five cents a leaf for floral arrangements. It only grows in areas
along the parkway. [Tim Francis, Pisgah District Ranger]

A Well Done to the Park Ranger staff of the Pisgah District of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  
Thanks for keeping watch over our precious heritage.

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