Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11

Watching the 9-11 Commemorations this morning has brought out strong emotions. I responded to Washington DC the next day to work on an Incident Command Team out of the Dept. of the Interior Building. The hotel we stayed at looked directly down on the still fresh hole in the Pentagon. I remember seeing fear and disbelief in the faces of those few people walking around the deserted ghost town of the Mall. We have to remember that at that time no one knew that more attacks would not occur. During that time I also witnessed the strength and resilience of our Nation and its people. Today let us remember those heroes that we lost during these attacks and those who have paid the price since, both our brave military and the first responders who continue to deal with health issues and the loss of their comrades as the consequence of doing their duty.


  1. its not easy to forget this...its the on of paifull day for whole World...

  2. ya it's true no body can forget that especially who lost some one on that day