Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

A recent article identifies some of the most life threatening jobs in the world.  Although some of these may be a surprise, Park Rangers do not make the list, thank goodness.  Check it out:


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  1. Some might think there was danger associated with huge drug parties that used to occur at the Porkway Overlooks, fake work schedules to throw off a dealer's girlfriend, DEA checkpoints, ex-cons abound, Winnabagos driving visually-impaired occupants, almost no comm/phones, a newspaper photo of a state warden releasing a black bear in a Porkway picnic area, a family of pasty-faced drunks, sniffing for a dead body at overlooks the night I arrived (off the clock), a YCC Peeping Tom, and a colleague/YCC stealing a car battery. Wouldn't call it the safest place, but I reckon I'd better get the book.