Friday, March 30, 2012

Once Again, Budget Cuts For Our National Parks

During times of economic downturns and political elections it becomes necessary to trim Government spending.  To talk of no tax hikes and cutting of spending is a populist position often intended to garner votes rather than care for our Nation, its resources, and most importantly its people.

Unfortunately our National Parks are one of the few programs that can be cut without wealthy and well connected lobbyists or industries to speak out on their behalf.  So we are going to see additional cuts that most likely will result in less park rangers in the field and challenges to park managers to keep facilities open this coming visitor season.

Learn more at this article from The News Tribune:


  1. Can i pleeeeease borrow one of your old used bicycles????

  2. Don't see it myself and I live next to a National Park. The staff overspends on giving itself trophies while expressing their superiority to the surrounding communities.
    I wish our National Park was a provincial park with decent staff.