Monday, March 19, 2012

A Tradition Ends On The Blue Ridge Parkway

A tradition for many families has been an annual trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway and since 1964 many ended their day with dinner at the Peaks Lodge in Virginia.  Due to the decision by the current concessioner to not renew their contract (which has been extended previously) the Lodge which in the past was one of the few facilities in the Park open year round closed this winter and will not reopen this spring.

The National Park Service has tried several strategies to keep this lake side restaurant and lodge open to serve the visiting public.  So far they have had no success in getting another company to commit to the contract.

Some of the reasons may lay in:

The Peaks of Otter Lodge infrastructure is in need of large investment for improvements.

The changing expectations of the visiting public looking for more than the basic accommodations available at the Peaks of Otter.

The National Park Service decision that concession contracts will be shorter in duration not giving private companies enough time to recover any investments they may need to make in facilities and resources.

Who knows what the future may have for the Peaks of Otter Lodge.  It is a sad loss to the visitors and community.

The Peaks Of Otter Lodge located on Abbott Lake, The Blue Ridge Parkway near Bedford, Virginia


  1. How sad!!! I can't believe that no one is going to run it!

  2. Is it the restaurant and the lodge that is closed?

  3. Always a bummer to see a local institution close.

  4. Yes, the Peaks of Otter Lodge closing affects the Restaurant, gas station and store, and the Lodge itself.

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  6. I cannot believe it. We tell everyone about the Peaks. One of our favorite places of all time. It would be a shame.