Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Death In National Parks

It was a hard reality for me when I had to first cope with death as a National Park Ranger.  The truth is that people do die in National Parks from accidents, suicides, and occasionally crime.  The following headlines are from the July 10th National Park Service Morning Report.

Yosemite NP
Climber Killed In Fall From Eichorn Pinnacle

Padre Island NS
Woman Drowns Off South Beach

Golden Gate NRA
Suicide Victim Found Below Muir Beach Overlook

Grand Canyon NP
Moran Point
Body Found Below

This is just one day's reports.  These traumas are seen all to
 regularly in our parks and ParkRangers and other National 
Park Service employees have to learn to deal with these 
situations both operationally and emotionally.

You can learn more about such incidents in my book "A Park 
Ranger's Life: Thirty Two Years Protecting our National Parks." 

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