Friday, July 30, 2010

Emails from Fans

I have received several very kind emails from readers commenting on my book "A Park Ranger's Life."  Here are some samples of what people are saying.

My neighbor loaned me your book. I've read it cover to cover this weekend. It is educational, entertaining, and sometimes chilling. Thank you for devoting your life to the career of Park Ranger. I'm so pleased that you are now a member of the Rockbridge Community.

I just wanted to say I am enjoying your book, A Park Ranger's Life!  Thank you for writing it to 'enlighten' so many of us.  As Art Linkletter said, "People are funny."  I purchased it at the Peaks of Otter lodge and am grateful for the opportunity to meet you and read about such an 'unboring' life!  It is very enjoyable reading. Thanks for all you did as a Park Ranger!

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