Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Reader's Review for "A Park Ranger's Life"

Right On The Mark

Bruce Bytnar's book A Park Ranger's Life: Thirty Two Years Protecting Our National Park presents an accurate and concise picture of one U.S. Park Ranger's life. If you are looking for a reality TV show turn your tube back on and stick with your illusions.

The author has honestly communicated what Rangers experience in the course of their career. The exciting, the fascinating, the tragic, the humorous, the mundane, the toll on self and family, and yes, even the bureaucratic meddling. Few if any Rangers live a life of constant danger, intrigue, and excitement. This is what makes Bytnar's book so valuable, he tells it like it is - not the way the public and the uninformed TV watchers think a Ranger's life should be. Perhaps this is why 3 universities have adopted this book as required reading in their seasonal ranger training programs.

If you have ever contemplated being a ranger or want to know how U.S Park Rangers really live, buy and read this book. 

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